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pewtermoonsilver stained glass  

About pewtermoonsilver

'Geese' Commission - April 2019

Pewtermoonsilver stained glass was launched in 2006 by designer/illustrator Mary Anne Constance, with the intention of selling her stained glass work professionally for the first time. By 2008 the business had taken off & she took a big leap....

pewtermoonsilver was now a full-time enterprise!

Mary Anne has continued to develop her unmistakable style, making suncatchers, hanging panels, window & door

panels. Always striving to achieve the highest possible 'craftswomanship', she continues to be inspired by colour, light & beauty, both in Nature & in the glass she uses

Pewtermoonsilver glass sells internationally & throughout the UK

In 2021 pewtermoonsilver celebrated it's 15th anniversary & so the story continues....

'Owl & Kestrel' Commission

All pewtermoonsilver stained glass is made using the 'copper foil' or 'Tiffany' construction method - a technique that has been used for over 100 years.

This allows for more freedom and intricacy than traditional 'leaded' stained glass which has a much longer tradition, yet still produces strong, long lasting pieces

Vibrant colours & use of textured glass are the pewtermoonsilver trademark, along with striking stylized designs

All pewtermoonsilver glass is handcut - no machinery is used. A time-consuming and skilled process using only the best materials available

Only tools used!

Commissions & bespoke orders are a very welcome

Stained glass suncatchers & hanging panels make wonderfully thoughtful and long-lasting gifts, and a small stained glass window can make a house into a home!



You have entered a world of light, colour, silver & rainbows that is

pewtermoonsilver stained glass. Making & selling beautiful and original handcrafted real stained glass suncatchers, panels & windows for your home & for the ones you love

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