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pewtermoonsilver stained glass 

About pewtermoonsilver

Pewtermoonsilver stained glass was launched by Mary Anne Constance in 2006, in order to sell her beautiful stained glass work professionally for the first time. By 2008, the business had taken off & she took a big leap....

pewtermoonsilver was now a full time enterprise!

Since then, Mary Anne has continued to develop her style, making suncatchers, hanging panels, window & door

panels. Always striving to achieve the highest possible craftsmanship, Mary Anne continues to be inspired every day by the colour, light & beauty the wonderful world around us. Her work now sells internationally.

In September 2016 pewtermoonsilver celebrated it's 10th anniversary & goes from strength to strength!

All pewtermoonsilver stained glass is made using the 'copper foil' or 'Tiffany' construction method - a classic technique that has been used for over 100 years 

This choice allows for more freedom and intricacy than traditional 'leaded' stained glass, yet produces strong, long lasting pieces

Vibrant colours & use of textured glass are the pewtermoonsilver trademark, along with strikingly original stylized designs

All pewtermoonsilver glass is handcut - no machinery is used. A time-consuming and skilled process using only the best materials 

Commissions & bespoke orders are a very welcome

Stained glass suncatchers & hanging panels make wonderfully thoughtful and long-lasting gifts, and a small stained glass window can make a house into a home!



You have entered a world of light, colour, silver & rainbows that is

pewtermoonsilver stained glass. Making & selling beautiful and original handcrafted real stained glass suncatchers, panels & windows for your home & for the ones you love

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